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Intimate Women's Health


At 500 Cosmetics we know how important it is to care for a woman's intimate health. Both in hygiene, strengthening and care. We want to bring you the most demanded products on the market by women to take care of the intimate area. Enjoy taking care of your privacy.

Chinese balls

Chinese balls WA-FLOWER BALLS

WA-FLOWER BALLS are Chinese balls for women that are looking for stronger orgasms and more intense sensations. Perfect for maintaining and strengthen pelvic floor muscles.

Bolas chinas o vaginales Wa Flower Balls

WA-FLOWER BALLS is indicated for:

Strenghtening vaginal muscles

Experimenting more intense orgasms

Stimulating the pelvic floor

Price: US$13.43

Menstrual cup size l

With our large menstrual cup (35 ml.) Forget about buying pads or tampons every month and going to the bathroom to change regularly.

Copa Menstrual  L

Menstrual cup size l is designed to:

Free of phthalates and latex

Up to 12 hours of continuous use

Size L

Price: US$13.43