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Eye contour


500conmetics also takes care of the daily care of your facial skin. It fights the signs of aging around the eyes, reduces and eliminates bags, dark circles, wrinkles and expression lines. Give a fresh look to your skin and have a more luminous look.

Improve eye contour appearance

Device for eye contour - U-GLISTEN

U-glisten is a portable device designed for daily eye contour care that helps prevent and reduce eye bags, dark circles and the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.


U-glisten is indicated for:

Reduce bags, dark circles, wrinkles and expression lines

Improve the elasticity and circulation of the skin

Increase the performance of the moisturizer

Price: US$35.13

Cream for eye contour care

Eye Contour Cream - U-GLISTEN CREAM

U-Glisten Cream is an anti-wrinkle cream designed for daily eye contour care that contributes to improve the appearance of the eye. Thanks to its many benefits

U-Glisten Cream

U-Glisten Cream is indicated for:

Anti-bag and anti-wrinkle effect

Keeps skin smooth and moisturized

Fresh and radiant appearance

Price: US$17.55

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Price: US$63.79