Pheromones for man

Pheromones for man
Fragrances with pheromones to conquer

500Cosmetics brings you all kinds of fragrances with pheromones to succeed and achieve whatever you set your mind. Fragrances that attract and conquer the person you most want with these special scents that enhance male sex appeal.

Perfumes with pheromones for your conquering side

Perfume roll-on with Pheromones

Phiero Night Man is a pocket sized masculine scent with 3 pheromones that help flirt and conquer anywhere, anytime thanks to its new roll-on format.

Phiero Night Man is used to:
Perfumes with pheromones for men. Made with 3 different pheromones. Phiero Night Man
  • Awaken male self esteem and confidence
  • Improve conquests anywhere
  • Increase interpersonal relationships

Perfume to attract women

Phiero Notte is a masculine fragrance which includes a potent pheromone to increase desire by a gentle fragrance that acts directly on the nose and brain.

Phiero Notte is used to:
Perfume with pheromones for men made from powerful masculine pheromones. Phiero Notte
  • Increase male attractiveness
  • Attracting and encouraging sex
  • Improves personal self esteem

Perfume for men with pheromones

Phiero Premium is a male fragrance made with 3 pheromones accompanied by woodsy scents that enhance attractiveness and awaken the conquering ability of man.

Phiero Premium is used to:
Perfume with pheromones for men. Phiero Premium
  • Improve personal relations
  • Awaken attractiveness and confidence of a man
  • Help conquer
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