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Muscle toning


Take advantage of electrical impulses to tone and firm your muscles. With the electrostimulator you will firm the skin in a comfortable and effective way while helping to relieve muscle pain.

Effortless toning exercises

Device for body toning - U-TONIC

U-Tonic is a body massage device that helps tone the body with its micro-computer system through electrical impulses to relax muscle spasms and provide firmness.

U-Tonic aparato de masaje que ayuda a tonificar el cuerpo

U-Tonic está is used to:

Tone muscles

Firm skin

Relax contractions

Price: US$26.38

Spares for U-Tonic

Self-adhesive electrodes

The U-Tonic spare ensures optimum effective of the electro-stimulation device to tone the body.

Repuestos U-Tonic

The U-Tonic spare are designed to:

Distribute the energy of U-Tonic in a uniform way

Reuse the electrodes as you may want

Continue with the treatment

Price: US$7.00