Improve your sexual libido internally and externally

500Cosmetics offers a range of feminine sexuality products in which to improve the libido and intimate, female sexual life long and short term; all to help to increase the female pleasure and enjoyment of sexual relationships.

Products to improve feminine libido

Instant feminine stimulation

Feminil Instant is a feminine stimulant balm that increases female libido and arousal instantly. Made from natural ingredients, it helps to increase female sexual desire immediately.

Feminil Instant is used to:
Feminil Instant, vaginal cream to increase libido and instant excitation
  • Enhance libido instantly
  • Stimulate the female genitalia
  • Help have more pleasurable sexual relations

Improve feminine libido

Feminil Pills is a dietary supplement designed to enhance female libido in addition to improving the sex life. It consists of all-natural ingredients also improve female hormonal balance.

Feminil Pills are used to:
Feminil Pills, food supplement to improve feminine libido
  • Enhance feminine libido
  • Achieve greater sexual satisfaction
  • Enjoy the aphrodisiac effect
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