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500Cosmetics presents the new range of erotic vibrators. The best vibrators designed for each situation and with the highest quality. Let yourself be seduced by its qualities and you will become inseparable!

Feminine Masturbator

Clitoris massager MAGIC VIB

MAGIC VIB is a mini-masturbator for women. It is created to stimulate and increase the satisfaction thanks to its small and discreet design. Perfect for using anywhere and anytime alone or in company.

Masturbador femenino Magic Vib de Sex Toys

MAGIC VIB is indicated for:

Stimulating the clitoris

Feeling more satisfied

Having a better sexual life

Price: US$7.03


Vibrator VIPERO

Vipero is a vibrator that has 2 heads, one for vaginal stimulation and another for clitorial stimulation. The combination of these heads together with their vibration modes will make you feel orgasms like never before.

Vibrador Vipero

VIPERO is indicated for:

Increase the stimulation of the penis

Feel more intense orgasms

Price: US$26.50


Vibrator CLAMY

CLAMY is a vibrator with multiple functions, including 7 different vibration modes that you can combine with its extra heat function to achieve more intense and lasting orgasms.

Vibrador Clamy

CLAMY is indicated for:

Increase vaginal and clitoral stimulation

Feel more intense orgasms

Experience new sensations

Price: US$35.35


Vibrator BILLY

BILLY is a perfect vibrator that fits all your desires. It serves both for internal and external stimulation, allowing you to discover new erogenous zones. Thanks to its shape and size.

Vibrador Billy

BILLY is indicated for:

Increase vaginal and clitoral stimulation

Feel more intense orgasms

Experience new sensations

Price: US$26.50

Boomerang, Vibrator with vaginal stimulation

Boomerang vaginal stimulator vibrator

It is an ideal toy for vaginal stimulation and to discover pleasure in your G-spot. Its curved boomerang-shaped design will allow better penetration. Its 4 intensities of silent vibrations and its 28 powerful modes will stimulate your entire intimate area and you will reach the climax for sure.


Boomerang is designed to:

Direct G-spot stimulation.

Powerful and silent motor.

28 vibration modes.


Soft and delicate texture.

Price: US$26.50

DUCK, Vibrator with vaginal and clitoral stimulation.

Vaginal and Clitoral Duck Stimulator

: It is a very powerful toy thanks to its 5 vibrating intensities and you can get to enjoy 26 different forms of pleasure. A very powerful and flexible design two main characteristics to have the best orgasms. It will stimulate your G-zone and clitoris, you will want to use it again.


Duck is designed to:

Simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris and G-spot.

26 forms of vibration.

Flexible and powerful


Soft and delicate texture.

Price: US$26.50


10 different vibration modes

Is a small, discreet and powerful bullet. With 10 different vibration modes, you can experience everything from a gentle vibration to a strong massage. Perfect for experimenting with your body in any part or situation


Perez is designed to:

Play and stimulate your whole body

10 different vibration modes

Delicate and smooth texture

Price: US$15.00

Silent Vibrator

Pocket-size vibrator BULLET VIBRATOR

BULLET VIBRATOR is a vibrator of your dreams. It has an extra strong but silent vibration with 36 different modes and it is USB-chargeable.

Vibrador silencioso Bullet Vibrator

BULLET VIBRATOR is indicated for:

Strong stimulation

Experimenting new ways to get an amazing orgasm

Increasing sexual desire

Price: US$17.65

Feminine Masturbator

Vibrating massager BRU VIBRATOR

BRU VIBRATOR is a clitoris massager with a perfect design that fits perfectly to the shape of the vagina. It gets you to orgasm faster than ever thanks to the combination of its powerful vibration and the clitoris stimulating nodules.

Vibrador femenino Bru Vibrator de Sex Toys

BRU VIBRATOR is indicated for:

External stimulation

Experimenting new sensations

Increasing sexual desire

Price: US$13.22


Vibrator SQUIDY

SQUIDY is a vibrator that fits perfectly to the size of your hand. It has a head which its protuberances allow unparalleled stimulation with a comfortable remote control.

Vibrador Squidy

SQUIDY is indicated for:

Increase vaginal and clitoral stimulation

Feel more intense orgasms

Experience new sensations thanks to its heat function

Price: US$35.35

Twilight, Vibrator with heat effect

Vibrator with Twilight heat effect

New vibrator that will become your favorite toy to cover yourself with pleasure and wonderful sensations, which will take your body to the most absolute climax. You can enjoy its powerful vibrations to feel the first moments of pleasure and its heat effect that will warm your intimate area. You will get the best orgasms!


Twilight is designed to:

Ideal for external erogenous zones.

Stimulate your intimate area with its soft and delicate texture.

Powerful and silent.

Enjoy as a couple.

Price: US$26.50

Vugs Vaginal vibrator with clitoral stimulation.

Vugs Clitoral Stimulator and Vibrator

Vugs is a new revolutionary bunny-shaped and oval toy that will give you more pleasure using them together or independently. Its soft texture, the bunny's filaments and its 36 different modes of vibration will increase your desire to continue enjoying and stimulating the vagina and clitoris.


Vugs is designed to:

36 vibration methods

Fully submersible.

Stimulation of the vagina and clitoris.

Silky texture

Price: US$26.50

Crazy Lace

Is perfect for both men and women, they could be used as a couple or alone. Thanks to its long cord, it can be used comfortably and discreetly.

Crazy Lace

Crazy Lace is designed to:

Enjoy both alone and as a couple

Dual independent function

7 different vibration modes

Price: US$22.07