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Dr. María Inés Mallmann
Dr. María Inés Mallmann

Specialist in gynecology, obstetrics and dermatology

Official Registration No:49843

“As an expert in sexual problems, I have treated a large number of patients with problems caused by lack of confidence and self-confidence throughout my career, which frustrated them greatly in relating to members of the opposite sex.

I am in favor of natural products to combat these problems, as long as they are not harmful to the health of people. After researching and comparing several products on the market that offer good results, I affirm that the ingredients of the products that are sold in 500Cosmetics contain ingredients that help to remedy those day to day problems which cause insecurity problems.

The numerous cases that I have observed have shown me that you have to be very careful with the products intended for this purpose, since there are many promises in relation to the issues of physical and sexual improvement so I condone the use of this range of Products to all those who wish to help themselves.

To sum up, and based always on the personal experience of several of my patients who decided to try these remedies, I rely on these products, so I recommend them with total confidence to all those people who do not feel comfortable with themselves and want to alleviate that feeling.”

Signed: Dra. María Inés Mallmann

Official Registration No: 49843

Signature Dr. María Inés Mallmann
Dr. Arana
Dr. Arana

Psychiatrist and sexologist

Official Registration No:6785

“The range of products offered by 500Cosmetics are innovative and practical items developed to promote and enhance the quality of life of people with factors of insecurity.

Most of my professional career has been based on the treatment of patients with problems caused by lack of confidence and security in their sex life and for years I have researched and tried numerous techniques and methods to solve these cases to find most are directly influenced by their daily lives at all levels. Many of the products circulating on the market for this type of treatment are fraudulent, overly expensive or just nonproductive, but 500Cosmetics seemed to me to be invaluable right from the start. They work from natural and herbal characteristics, something very positive when faced with results, without side effects, and their composition aims to achieve positive results for any type of person.

In short, I recommend, in general, the products and devices of 500Comsetics, they are articles conceived with the aim of covering a wide array for effective purposes. I have recommended them to numerous patients and the final conclusion has always been satisfactory. ”

Signed: Dr. Arana

Official Registration No: 6785

Signature Dr. Arana
Dr. Antonio Salas Vieyra
Dr. Antonio Salas Vieyra

Medical Specialist in Urology and Sexology

Official Registration No:41579

“As a specialist in the field of sexology I have been able to treat and investigate thousands of cases of patients trying to understand their human sexual needs and frustrations.

For years I have not been able to prescribe an effective treatment to alleviate their sexual discomfort but after studying numerous products, I have come to recommend the range of 500Cosmetics since they use ingredients of a high quality supported by excellent formulas which help to achieve better and even optimum results with respect to the other formulas on the market. The products from 500Cosmetics are totally new and revolutionary and fulfill their objective of helping to solve the numerous problems that exist today in relation with sexology. I recommend them especially for patients who suffer psychological and self-confidence problems in the area of sexual discomfort.

Given all this, I conclude that I am satisfied, as a doctor, to be able to endorse products that I consider to be so beneficial and satisfactory.”

Signed: Dr. Antonio Salas Vieyra

Official Registration No: 41579

Signature Dr. Antonio Salas Vieyra
Dr. Sapetti
Dr. Sapetti

Medical Specialist in Urology and Sexology

Official Registration No:36716

“My experience as a professional doctor of sexology has allowed me to treat patients with numerous complexes and sexual problems caused by insecurity in themselves afflicted by a discontent in their physique.

In today's society, the sexual life of each one of us is very important, and dissatisfaction with oneself causes a lack of desire, or simply that there is no good result from sex.

I have investigated numerous ways of alleviating such problems, both psychologically and physiologically, and my conclusion is very simple, a person feels better about them self when they are in the physical condition they want.

There are many "miracle" remedies that promise achievable results and in a very short time, in addition to advertising them by many means, but I trust in the 500Cosmetics brand since in addition to demonstrating absolute seriousness, they have highly recommended items with which real results are accomplished and are not harmful to health due to their natural composition. I always recommend their products to my patients.”

Signed: Dr. Sapetti

Official Registration No: 36716

Signature Dr. Sapetti
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