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About us

500Cosmetic’s philosophy

500Cosmetics was created in 2004 to bring all our clients different solutions of natural cosmetics and high technology to health services along with beauty and well-being in more than 15 different languages. These solutions translate into more professional services in various areas of health and beauty. With the strength and backing of a business group with extensive experience in the manufacturing and distribution of products worldwide, leaders in the online sector is why Natural Logistics has created 500Cosmetics.

Throughout its 14 years of providing products and services, the merchandise offered has been based on innovation and quality; adapting to the needs of users; modifying and creating products that fit the customer demand, thanks to our meticulous studies.

The philosophy of 500Cosmetics is the satisfaction of aesthetic and health needs through innovation and conducting and verifying market studies over the years to meet these needs around the world, thanks to its online sales service.

Product creation and innovation

500Cosmetics entrusts the development of its products to its Research and Development Department, making sure they comply with all necessary requirements and guarantees, in addition to using the latest technology and exclusive formulas to improve them with natural ingredients.

All products follow high quality controls, being evaluated under European control criteria; complying with national and international legal records. Quality and reliability are the basis of our work along with a systematic review both internally and externally of the company's processes to evolve according to the needs and current developments.

The great sales and after-sales team around the world is responsible for bringing our message to users who need quality products to improve their lives; being able to later evaluate their level of satisfaction to conform the company to the needs of the market and the needs of consumers.

Health and aesthetic treatments

500Cosmetics incorporates all its efforts to offer leading products in the field of health, beauty and well-being, terms that go hand in hand thanks to the selection of NATURAL INGREDIENTS as well as advanced technology used in the creations and manufacturing of its products. Each consumer can meet their needs through different methods and treatments, even combining several of them to optimize their results. From food supplements to skin treatments, lotions or specific devices, 500Cosmetics provides it.

The 500Cosmetics line includes products to cover unique needs for both men and women in the field of sexual health, personal care and well-being.