Pheromones for woman

Pheromones for woman
Seduce to the limits with pheromone perfumes

500Cosmetics brings you different types of perfumes with pheromones for women that help improve attractiveness and to feel secure while seducing.

Perfumes with pheromones, to show your seductive side

Perfume with pheromones you can carry in your pocket

Phiero Night Woman is a feminine fragrance with 4 pheromones of floral aromas that provide a new seductiveness; now in roll-on, pocket-sized format for you to seduce when and where you want.

Phiero Night Woman is used to:
Perfume for women with pheromones. Fragrances made from 4 different pheromones for women. Phiero Night Woman
  • Discover new sensations
  • Attract new conquests
  • Carry in your pocket on dates

Perfume with pheromones for women

Phiero Woman is a perfume with pheromones for women with warm and exotic flavors consisting of 4 pheromones that help seduce, increasing self-esteem and self-security.

Phiero Woman is used to:
Women’s perfume with pheromones. Fragrancies made fro 4 pheromones for women. Phiero Woman
  • Achieving new approaches
  • Improve personal attraction
  • Increase sexual experiences
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