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Reduce anxiety


At 500Cosmetics we care about your well-being. Reduce and prevent anxiety is one of our goals. And that is why we offer you these products.

Pills to control anxiety

Capsules - ZEN PILLS

Zen Pills is a food supplement that controls anxiety and improves your mood. They are natural relaxant pills which lower stress levels and promote a better night's sleep. They are suitable for specific time of depression and despair

Pastillas para controlar la ansiedad Zen Pills, XS Natural

Zen Pills are indicated for:

Calm stress levels

Improve your mood

Help get a good night’s rest

Price: US$19.72

Capsulas para controlar a ansiedade

Cápsulas - 500Cosmetics Tryptophan Pills

São cápsulas de ingredientes totalmente naturais que ajudam a controlar a ansiedade e a relaxar o corpo e a mente, melhorando assim o seu humor.

Pastillas para controlar la ansiedad 500Cosmetics Tryptophan Pills, XS Natural

500Cosmetics Tryptophan Pills está indicado para:

Controlar a ansiedade e melhorar seu humor

Relaxar seu corpo e sua mente

Ajudar você a dormir melhor

Price: US$24.65