Sex Toys

Sex Toys
Discover the universe of pleasure

¡500Cosmetics presents the new selection of erotic toys! They are created to give you the greatest pleasure in couple or individually. Stop wondering and enjoy the best offer of all types of sex toys. They are discreet, elegant and easy-to-use!

Erotic toys

Vibrating ring for the penis or finger

V-RING is a penis ring that increases the sexual pleasure thanks to its vibration and flexible material. It is designed for experiencing new sensations and to bring playfullness to the bedroom. Easy and pleasent to use in the penis or play with the finger.

V-RING is for:
Anillo vibrador para el pene o dedo V-Ring
  • Increasing pleasure
  • Experimenting new ways to reach an amazing orgasm
  • Playing with partner

Silent Vibrator

BULLET VIBRATOR is a vibrator of your dreams. It has an extra strong but silent vibration with 36 different modes and it is USB-chargeable.

  • Strong stimulation
  • Experimenting new ways to get an amazing orgasm
  • Increasing sexual desire

Bondage Accessories

BONDAGE FANTASY PACK is a fantastic kit with all the sexual accessories to fulfil your hottest fantasies and perfect for starting your bondage/fetish plays. The kit consists of 4 accessories: handcuffs, a mask, a whip and a domination ribbon.

Accesorios Bondage Fantasy Pack de Sex Toys
  • Improving sexual relations and heat
  • Breaking the monotony in bed
  • Increasing sexual attractiveness

Unisex Vibrator for all positions

JAP-VIBRATOR is a vibrator that adjusts to all your wishes. It can be used in any position because of its 360 º degree rotation. Made from high quality medical silicone and is USB-chargeable.

Vibrador Jap Vibrator de Sex Toys
  • Anal or vaginal stimulation
  • Stimulating the G-spot
  • Reaching more intense orgasms

Chinese balls

WA-FLOWER BALLS are Chinese balls for women that are looking for stronger orgasms and more intense sensations. Perfect for maintaining and strengthen pelvic floor muscles.

Bolas chinas o vaginales Wa Flower Balls
  • Strenghtening vaginal muscles
  • Experimenting more intense orgasms
  • Stimulating the pelvic floor

Vibrating penis ring

W-RING is a vibrating penis ring made from high quality silicone and designed for stimulating the clitoris. It has a vibration function which, when in contact with the clitoris, causes more intense and lasting orgasms.

W-RING is for:
Anillo vibrador W-Ring Sex Toys
  • Reaching more powerful orgasms
  • Improving sexual relationships and pleasure
  • Stimulating the clitoris

Feminine Masturbator

MAGIC VIB is a mini-masturbator for women. It is created to stimulate and increase the satisfaction thanks to its small and discreet design. Perfect for using anywhere and anytime alone or in company.

MAGIC VIBis for:
  • Stimulating the clitoris
  • Feeling more satisfied
  • Having a better sexual life

Feminine Masturbator

BRU VIBRATOR is a clitoris massager with a perfect design that fits perfectly to the shape of the vagina. It gets you to orgasm faster than ever thanks to the combination of its powerful vibration and the clitoris stimulating nodules.

  • External stimulation
  • Experimenting new sensations
  • Increasing sexual desire
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