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Breast care

Products for breast enlargement

Natural beauty for your body
500Cosmetics always thinks about the well-being of women and therefore proposes several products to increase the breast and keep it firm to feel good about yourself and achieve the results that you have always hoped to have in your breasts without the need for resort to surgery.


Natural capsules PROCURVES PLUS

Procurves Plus is a food supplement for breast enhancement. Its natural ingredients develop breast tissue, improve circulation and provide the necessary nutrients to the breasts for the revival of the glands.

Procurves Plus, pastillas para aumentar los senos

Procurves Plus is indicated for:

Enhance breast size, naturally

Develop the mammary glands tissues

Improve the appearance and firmness of the breasts

Price: US$34.54

Cream for breast enhancement


Procurves Cream is a cream for breast enhancement made from natural ingredients that stimulate microcirculation in the bosom area to moisturize the mammary tissues to increase firmness and elasticity in the skin.

Procurves Cream, crema para el aumento de senos

Procurves Cream is indicated for:

Enhance a woman’s chest

Increase the size and to firm the chest

Moisturize and improve the condition and appearanceof the breasts

Price: US$26.91

Electro-stimulation for the breasts

Electro-stimulation device U-BREAST

U-Breast is an innovative device based on electro-stimulation for natural breast enhancement. It promotes the growth of the breast tissues to increase and reform them.

U-Breast dispositivo basado en la electroestimulación para el aumento de senos de forma natural

U-Breast is indicated for:

Enhance bust size

Firm the breast tissues

Improve mammary blood circulation

Price: US$35.89

Pills to increase the bust line

Natural pills 500Cosmetics Breast Pills

500Cosmetics Breast Pills is a treatment based on natural ingredients that reactivate the mammary glands and reinforce breast tissues, generating firmness and enlargement of the breast. This food supplement has the exact amount of nutrients that helps regulate hormonal activity.

500Cosmetics Breast Pills, pastillas para aumentar los senos

500Cosmetics Breast Pills is indicated for:

Increase the breast naturally

Reinforce tissues of the mammary glands

Reaffirm the breast

Price: US$24.65

Breast Cream to increase breasts naturally

Your allied cream for a perfect breast

Breast Cream is made from natural ingredients to give your breasts a smoother, healthier and more voluminous appearance.

Varesil Cream reducir varices y aliviar y calmar los síntomas

Breast Cream is indicated for:

Enhance breast growth

Reaffirm the neckline

Increase the elasticity and hydration of the tissues

Price: US$22.41

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