U-breast: 1 U-breast

U-breast: 1 U-breast


  • 1 x U-Breast + Breast Performance Free US$66.32
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  • U-breast

Electro stimulation device to enhance the size of breasts

U-breast is an electronic device based on electrical muscle stimulation to increase breasts size naturally, without surgery. It energizes the progressive growth of breast and toning for a perfect bust line. The electro stimulation massages to maintain the ligaments stronger and healthier, improving the appearance and appeal.

U-breast is used to:

  • Enhance the breasts progressively
  • Improve blood circulation to the mammaries
  • Maintain strong ligaments en the chest
U-Breast device based on electro-stimulation to naturally enhance breast size
The U-Breast device includes:
  • Electro stimulation device
  • Two vibrators units
  • Gift of 250 ml of conductor gel
  • Batteries
It is recommended to combine U-Breast with Procurves Plus and Procurves Cream to enhance the breasts.
Procurves Plus, pills to enhance breasts. Cream to enhance breasts size Procurves Cream
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