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Pills for hemorrhoids

Capsules - 500Cosmetics Intest Pills

500Cosmetics Intest Pills food supplement based on natural ingredients that help combat constipation and help the functioning of digestive enzymes. In addition, it prevents hemorrhoids by soothing irritation and inflammation.

500Cosmetics Intest Pills es un complemento alimenticio que previene la aparición de hemorroides

500Cosmetics Intest Pills is indicated for:

Reduce constipation

Prevent hemorrhoids

Restore blood flow

Price: US$24.70

Effortless toning exercises

Device for body toning - U-TONIC

U-Tonic is a body massage device that helps tone the body with its micro-computer system through electrical impulses to relax muscle spasms and provide firmness.

U-Tonic aparato de masaje que ayuda a tonificar el cuerpo

U-Tonic está is used to:

Tone muscles

Firm skin

Relax contractions

Price: US$26.96

Relieve cervical contractions

Neck massager - U-NECK

U-Neck is an electronic massager designed to relieve muscle pain in the cervical area, alleviate tension and contractions through advanced, physiotherapy, electro stimulation techniques.

U-Neck masajeador electrónico para calmar el dolor muscular

U-Neck is used to:

Relieve neck muscle pain

Reduce inflammation in the cervical area

Stimulate circulation and relax muscles

Price: US$53.96

Pills for hemorrhoids


Hemapro Pills is a natural food supplement in capsules that helps prevent hemorrhoids while reducing swelling thanks to its anti-inflammatory and draining properties.

Hemapro Pills es un complemento alimenticio que previene la aparición de hemorroides

Hemapro Pills are used to:

Improve the digestive system, preventing hemorrhoids

Reduce swelling caused by hemorrhoids

Improve blood circulation in the area

Price: US$24.70

Laser comb for hair care


Foliactive Laser a laser comb that prevents hair loss and stimulates hair follicles. It has the exclusive Vibratonic® technology ensuring treatment against hair loss. Also it features a new USB charging mode which makes the device much more comfortable for use.

Foliactive Láser es un peine láser que previene y evita la caída del cabello

Foliactive Laser Comb is used to:

Prevent hair loss

Improve growth and strength of new hair

Promote hair follicles

Price: US$134.98

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Price: US$104.85