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End your muscle aches and tone yourself

Massages and toning
500Cosmetics brings you the most innovative massage systems so that you can safely eliminate any tension pain in your body as well as tone your muscles from home and in a healthy way.

Relieve cervical contractions

Neck massager - U-NECK

U-Neck is an electronic massager designed to relieve muscle pain in the cervical area, alleviate tension and contractions through advanced, physiotherapy, electro stimulation techniques.

U-Neck masajeador electrónico para calmar el dolor muscular

U-Neck is used to:

Relieve neck muscle pain

Reduce inflammation in the cervical area

Stimulate circulation and relax muscles

Price: US$53.96

Effortless toning exercises

Device for body toning - U-TONIC

U-Tonic is a body massage device that helps tone the body with its micro-computer system through electrical impulses to relax muscle spasms and provide firmness.

U-Tonic aparato de masaje que ayuda a tonificar el cuerpo

U-Tonic está is used to:

Tone muscles

Firm skin

Relax contractions

Price: US$26.96

Spares for U-Tonic

Self-adhesive electrodes

The U-Tonic spare ensures optimum effective of the electro-stimulation device to tone the body.

Repuestos U-Tonic

The U-Tonic spare are designed to:

Distribute the energy of U-Tonic in a uniform way

Reuse the electrodes as you may want

Continue with the treatment

Price: US$7.16

Electro-stimulation for the breasts

Electro-stimulation device U-BREAST

U-Breast is an innovative device based on electro-stimulation for natural breast enhancement. It promotes the growth of the breast tissues to increase and reform them.

U-Breast dispositivo basado en la electroestimulación para el aumento de senos de forma natural

U-Breast is indicated for:

Enhance bust size

Firm the breast tissues

Improve mammary blood circulation

Price: US$35.96

Conductive gel for electro-stimulation devices

Conductive gel for electro-stimulation

The Conductive gel is intended to be applied on the base of the electro-stimulators. It acts as conductor of the electrical stimulus placed for muscle contraction to work more effectively.

Gel conductor para dispositivos de electroestimulación

El gel conductor is indicated for:

Use with U-Breast or U-Neck

Enhances transmission stimulus

Improves muscular contraction

Price: US$7.16