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Weight reduction and slimming products

Take care of your figure
Shape your figure and slim naturally

500Cosmetics offers a wide range of natural products for weight loss, fat burning and body shaping. XS Natural has all kinds of treatments: fat burning pills, satiating tablets, reduction creams and firming creams.

Slimming and skin firming products

Satiating pills to suppress hunger

XS Natural Appetite Suppressant are satiating pills made from natural ingredients which promote weight loss. This food supplement decreases appetite, creates the feeling of a full stomach longer and controls cravings between meals.

XS Natural Appetite Suppressant pills are used to:
Capsules to remove hunger, XS Natural Appetite Suppressant.
  • Helps with weight loss
  • Stimulates the sensation of a full stomach
  • Decreases apetite between meals

Fat burning diet pills for natural weight loss

XS Natural Fat Burner is a dietary supplement that works as a natural fat burner thanks to its variety of ingredients. Along with diet and exercise, these capsules help eliminate fat and lose weight naturally.

XS Natural Fat Burner is used to:
Fat burning capsules, XS Natural Fat Burner to eliminate abdominal fat
  • Helps to lose weight faster
  • Works naturally to burn fat
  • Controls hunger between meals

Lipo-reducing cream to remove specific localized fat

XS Natural lipo-reducing cream for woman is an anti-cellulite cream that helps burn fat and shape the figure. Its natural ingredients act to thin thighs, arms and abdomen therefore helping with weight loss.

XS Natural lipo-reducing cream is used to:
XS Natural lipo-reduction and anti-cellulite cream, XS Natural
  • Burns localized fat
  • Eliminates cellulite
  • Helps to lose weight

Reduction cream for reducing abdominal fat

XS Natural reducing cream for men is a cream made from natural ingredients that helps reduce fat in the abdomen. Men accumulate fat in this area and therefore it is advisable to apply a reducing cream that also helps to eliminate cellulite.

XS Natural reducing cream for men is used to:
XS Natural cream to reduce abdominal fat
  • Reduces abdominal fat
  • Eliminates cellulite en any area of the body
  • Shapes the figure

Cream to remove stretch marks and firm the body

XS Natural anti-stretch and firming cream is a product with a completely natural composition to rid the body of stretch marks. It also works as a firming cream to regenerate the skin perfectly. It is suitable for people going up and down weight and with pregnant women to prevent stretch marks.

XS Natural firming and anti stress mark marks cream is used to:
XS Natural anti-stretch marks cream
  • Regenerate and provides firmer skin
  • Firms y and tones flaccid skin
  • Eliminates and prevents stretch marks

Pills to control anxiety

Zen Pills is a food supplement that controls anxiety and improves your mood. They are natural relaxant pills which lower stress levels and promote a better night's sleep. They are suitable for specific times of depression and despair.

Zen Pills are used to:
Pills to control anxiety, Zen Pills.
  • Calm stress levels
  • Improve your mood
  • Help get a good night’s rest
Recommended by our medical specialist

Doctora María Inés Mallmann

Dr. María Inés Mallmann

Specialist Dermatology
License Nº: 49843

"Our current lifestyle does not allow us take care of everything we would like, therefore, it is increasingly important to acquire good healthy habits so our health is not affected or related to these increasingly usual problems, sickness and disease.”
Overweight caused by poor nutrition leads to the suffering of other ailments that are reflected in the skin like cellulite and stretch marks, for example. It is essential to watch what we eat, maintain a balanced diet and exercise daily to stay healthy. For this there are products and complementary treatments that can help us see results and the effects are greater and longer lasting.

500Cosmetics has a wide range of creams and capsules, XS Natural, that work to treat these common problems. Using these natural products together, losing weight will be much easier as well as removing the marks caused by the ups and downs of your weight.

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