Pack Valentines Man

Pack Valentines Man


  • 1 x 1 Phiero Night Man + Free flirting guide US$18.54
  • 1 x 500Cosmetics Fertile Pills to improve the quantity and quality of sperm US$30.62
  • 1 x 500Cosmetics Virility Pills to increase male sexual virility US$30.62
Price as configured:
  • Phiero Night Man
  • 500 Fertile Pills
  • 500 Virility Pills
Phiero Night Man

Perfume with pheromones and sensational aromas

Phiero Night Man is spicier perfume with pheromones in our Phiero brand of 3 perfumes. It has star anise and pink pepper aromas that arouse sexual interest. Now you can carry and use the new pocket size roll-on pocket at any time and enjoy its power of conquest and self security.

Phiero Night Man is indicated for:
  • Flirt anywhere you go, thanks to its pocket size
  • Feel attractive and like a conqueror
  • Attract and awaken sexual desire
Perfumes with pheromones for men. Made with 3 different pheromones. Phiero Night Man
Now you can combine Night Man Phiero with pheromones along with our other perfumes of the same brand such as Phiero Premium and our classic Phiero Notte.
Phiero Premium and Phiero Notte, perfumes with pheromones for men
500 Fertile Pills
500 Virility Pills
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