What is affiliate marketing and other FAQs

We want you to leave no doubt that here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about becoming an affiliate. If you have any doubts, we will be happy to resolve them through our different channels of contact.

What is affiliate marketing and how does Natural Revenue by 500Cosmetics work?

Natural Revenue by 500Cosmetics is an affiliate marketing program which offers payment to promote their products on your own website. As a webmaster or agency, you'll earn a commission for each sale that is generated through (de) banners, posts, newsletters and other media on your website or through commissions from your referrals.

What is the price for being a member of Natural Revenue by 500Cosmetics?

To join our affiliate group is completely free. Natural Revenue by 500Cosmetics offers free registration, and never charges maintenance fees, management or permanence.

If I become a member of Natural Revenue by 500 Cosmetics, what are my responsibilities?

The most important thing is to keep good contact with us. It is also imperative that you have read and understood the terms and conditions for the users of Natural Revenue by 500Cosmetics. It is vital that your data is properly completed (phone, email, URL) and updated to ensure that we can reach you quickly and successfully.

Can anyone become a member of Natural Revenue by 500Cosmetics?

Yes, anyone can join by 500Cosmetics Natural Revenue the only necessity is to be at least 18 years old. Please read the terms and conditions carefully for more information before registering.

Are the affiliate programs reliable?

We cannot speak for all the companies that have this type of agreement however; we assure you that we are 100% transparent. You will have access to all kinds of statistics on your campaigns and be able to monitor all of them 24/7. Also, we do not deduct management fees from your commissions. In any business relationship, the most important thing is that both sides benefit from one another; therefore, our main concern is that members get the highest possible commission.

What 500Cosmetics websites can affiliates promote?

Once you are a member of Natural Revenue by 500Cosmetics, you can promote all of our product websites in all languages and start making money.

What if I have more than one website?

You can post links and banners on the websites you want. Our platform will show us the URL the sale came from. Therefore, you do not need to have an affiliate account for each site, a single account is enough.

What if I want to promote the products in different languages?

No problem because in Natural Revenue by 500Cosmetics you can find our creative content in 13 different languages for each of our products and all linking to sites in the same language. Also, you can always ask about custom material that you might need.

May I sign up regardless of the country I am in?

Yes, Natural Revenue by 500Cosmetics accepts members from all over the world.

What could be the problem if my commissions do not match the agreed percentage of the product?

It may be due to several reasons:

1. If the buyer is in Spain, VAT must be deducted from the cost of the final product.

2. Every month we usually send a newsletter with special offers and a discount coupon code for the customers. As always, you get the agreed percentage of the sale, whatever the price.

What is “Mega Affiliate”?

A Mega Affiliate is an affiliate who generates a large volume of sales. If you're doing more than 5 sales a day, contact your Affiliate Manager to check your account and increase the percentage of commissions.

What happens if a user who clicked on one of my ads cleans the cookies from their computer before making the purchase?

We use a method “trackeo” sale. The program saves the IP address of the client for 60 days, so if the user decides to clean the cookies on their computer, we can track the sale for 60 days after visiting your site.

Text ads and banners that are in the program are not adapted to my website, is it possible to obtain special proportions?

Of course! You only have to contact your Affiliate Manager and provide all the necessary specifications for proper preparation of proportions.

Will I have commissions if the customer comes back to buy again later? How much can I get?

Yes, you will receive commissions for these new orders, as long as the customer buys through your affiliate code or while the cookie remains in force. In both cases you will receive the same percentage as always.

Will I receive commissions if I recommend the affiliate program to my colleagues and friends?

Yes, we offer a "2nd Tier Commission" and you will receive 5% of the commissions generated by your sub-affiliates (those who register in our program thanks to your recommendation).

Can I use e-mail as a marketing tool to reach customers?

In Natural Revenue by 500Cosmetics we have an ANTISPAM policy, therefore, if you want to do email marketing, you must communicate your intention and prove that the list of emails you have is of people who want to receive information. If a member uses emails as a means to advertise without our permission, you will be excluded from the program and your account will be closed.

Do I receive commissions for any links from Natural Revenue by 500Cosmetics that I put on my website?

Yes, as long as your affiliate ID is included in the link and it can be controlled by our affiliate program, which means that you will receive the corresponding commissions for all sales.

How often are statistics refreshed?

Statistics are refreshed in real time, 24/7.

Is there a service or hotline to answer my questions?

Yes, we offer technical and commercial service assistance that will help to solve all your doubts.

Is there any help if I want to increase my income?

Yes, we have a team of experts in digital marketing and support who can provide advice to maximize the benefits of your website.

I forgot my password, can I get another?

If you have forgotten your password, you must contact your Affiliate Manager. Please include your full name, email address and member ID. If you cannot find your affiliate ID, include your address.

What are the payment methods used for affiliates?

Currently we have these two forms of payment: PayPal and Bank Transfer.

The transfer has not come to my bank account, why not?

Our bank is located in Spain and transfers to other Spanish bank accounts takes time and are usually made effective around 24-48 hours, while transfers to accounts outside of Spain take more time to become effective, usually between 3 to 10 working days, depending on the country.

My PayPal payment has not arrived, why?

PayPal payments are immediate, if we confirm the payment and this is not reflected in your PayPal account, please contact us immediately, it is likely to have been an error in the email address.

What can I do if I have not received payment?

You should contact your Affiliate Manager immediately.

How often can I request my payment?

Your payments will be sent within 30 days after the end of the present month.