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Natural Revenue, 500Cosmetics’ affiliate platform, over 10 years has of extensive experience offering an affiliate marketing program with the best commissions and bonuses in the sector. The reputation of Natural Revenue is backed by thousands of satisfied users worldwide who have already seen firsthand the competitive advantages of Natural Revenue. Furthermore, with its e-commerce 500Cosmetics expands the possibilities of sales, as users can find all the products in the same store and thus increase the value of the average basket.

Why register with us?
register in our program

If you have one or more websites and want to promote an attractive, easy to sell product and be offered a high return on investment along with large commissions, then Natural Revenue is the affiliate platform for you.

Affiliate programs are very common today. Advertisers prefer to have these agreements because instead of investing in advertising without knowing how it will work, users decide to jump directly to the sale of products through an affiliate web, thereby profits grow progressively. In addition, effectiveness of an advertisement is simple and can be measured so affiliates can see in real time what results they are obtaining with the aim of gradually improving campaigns. Meanwhile, Natural Revenue offers all kinds of materials and customized unlimited resources in 13 languages so you can boost your online sales network.

Payment options
payment methods
How it works?
how it works

With a history going back more than 10 years, we are an established company in the sector of online sales of cosmetics, wellness technology and a health service company. In addition, we have very competitive and unbeatable advantages that put our products at the top of the market, such as large commissions from 30% on every sale and high conversions because our products are widely accepted among final consumers.

Once registered, you can choose the ad that best suits your site or request a customized ad, then we'll pay you a commission from 30% for each sale generated through the banner. From Natural Revenue by 500Cosmetics we believe it is important to offer a system of secure affiliate marketing and profits for your business.

  • Commissions from 30% for each sale
  • Great value for the average basket
  • High conversions
  • FREE exclusive personalized material
  • Secure and committed affiliate program
The advantages of our affiliate program are:

Easy to use

The platform has a very intuitive function and you will see all kinds of information related to your campaigns (statistics, sales, materials, etc.).

Secure methods tracking

Thanks to a combination of Flash cookies, standard cookies and IP addresses, you can track affiliate referrals in real time.

High Commissions depending on the product

Earn from 30% commissions and higher for the sales you make.

Bonus system

We appreciate your effort and reward you with extra bonuses every time you reach a certain amount of sales.

Responsive Websites

Products with responsive websites for users to make the purchases from any device (one of the most modernized affiliate programs that exist in the sector).

Worldwide coverage

Natural Revenue sends its products internationally to any country, always meeting deadlines thanks to its global distribution centers.

What products de we sell?

We focus on our production processes. To do this, we have a great team of professionals in various areas, studying the quality and effectiveness of each ingredient included in the formulas of all products. We also have quality certificates required by the EU for marketing throughout Europe.

Currently we have different product categories:

  • Breasts
  • Female sexuality
  • Male sexuality
  • Acne
  • Hair loss
  • Varicose veins and tired legs
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Tattoos & scars
  • Perfumes with pheromones
  • Anxiety control
  • Weight reduction and dieting
  • Etc.
In which countries do we work in?
worldwide coverage

Our worldwide coverage ensures that any product always arrives in the country within the estimated time. It is a fully effective system, because we have strategic points and global distribution centers to assure nothing goes wrong along the way.

We do not want to lose any customers and often lack the of the language can be a difficult problem to solve but it is not our case. Our affiliate web has the vantage point and offer content in 13 different languages, and all with descriptive product information.

Benefits of being an affiliate
benefits for being affiliated
  • High commissions
  • Extra bonuses
  • Exclusive offers and discounts
  • Worldwide sales
  • Responsive websites
  • Best selling products
  • Free exclusive content in 13 languages
  • Direct contact with your Affiliate Manager
  • Monitoring & control of all measurements in real time