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For the Penis

Discover a universe of pleasure for the penis

500Cosmetics presents the new range of erotic toys! Created to provide the best pleasure as a couple or individually. Let yourself be surprised and enjoy the best offer of sex toys of all kinds. Discreet, elegant and easy to use!

Holli Vibrating Male Masturbator

Holli Male Masturbator

Vagina-shaped vibrator for men with which you will enjoy sex and experience new sensations. You will feel pleasure just by noticing it and it will increase or decrease the vibrations thanks to its adjustable roulette.


Holli is designed to:

Discover new sexual experiences.

Increase your pleasure.

Increase the stimulation of the penis.

Feel more intense orgasms

Price: US$29.25


Vibrator HANK

HANK is a sex toy destined for men. Its exciting design based on protuberances will allow you to experience unique sensations, achieving unparalleled pleasure.

Hank de Sex Toys

HANK is indicated for:

Increase the stimulation of the penis

Feel more intense orgasms

Price: US$14.60

Vibrating penis ring

Vibrating W-RING

W-RING is a vibrating penis ring made from high quality silicone and designed for stimulating the clitoris. It has a vibration function which, when in contact with the clitoris, causes more intense and lasting orgasms.

Anillo vibrador W-Ring Sex Toys

W-RING is indicated for:

Reaching more powerful orgasms

Improving sexual relationships and pleasure

Stimulating the clitoris

Price: US$14.60

Vibrating ring for the penis or finger

Flexible rand vibrating ring V-RING

V-RING is a penis ring that increases the sexual pleasure thanks to its vibration and flexible material. It is designed for experiencing new sensations and to bring playfullness to the bedroom. Easy and pleasent to use in the penis or play with the finger.

Anillo vibrador para el pene o dedo V-Ring

V-RING is indicated for:

Increasing pleasure

Experimenting new ways to reach an amazing orgasm

Playing with partner

Price: US$4.83