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Chinese balls

Discover a universe of pleasure with Chinese Balls

500Cosmetics presents the new range of erotic toys! Created to provide the best pleasure as a couple or individually. Let yourself be surprised and enjoy the best offer of sex toys of all kinds. Discreet, elegant and easy to use!

Vaginal Balls

Vaginal Balls PACY

PACY vaginal balls are designed for women who seek to experience stronger and new sensations. In addition, they are perfect for improving the pelvic floor musculature.

Bolas chinas Pacy de Sex Toys

PACY is indicated for:

Increase vaginal and clitoral stimulation

Feel more intense orgasms

Experience new sensations

Price: US$12.64

Chinese balls

Chinese balls WA-FLOWER BALLS

WA-FLOWER BALLS are Chinese balls for women that are looking for stronger orgasms and more intense sensations. Perfect for maintaining and strengthen pelvic floor muscles.

Bolas chinas o vaginales Wa Flower Balls

WA-FLOWER BALLS is indicated for:

Strenghtening vaginal muscles

Experimenting more intense orgasms

Stimulating the pelvic floor

Price: US$14.60