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Registered in the EUOrallyCapsule formatNatural ingredientsMust be over 18
1 XS Natural Appetite Suppressant
Satiate Capsules to control and decrease the appetite
Registered in the EUOrallyCapsule formatNatural ingredientsMust be over 18

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Satiating pills to control and reduce appetite

XS Natural Appetite Suppressant capsules are an ideal dietary supplement to help with weight loss. This product is creates the feeling of a full stomach to reduce the appetite between meals because the pills suppress hunger by swelling once ingested. XS Natural Appetite Suppressant acts on the psychological phase of hunger, thus controlling the occurrence of cravings.

XS Natural Appetite Suppressant is used to:
  • Help with weight loss
  • Decrease the appetite between meals
  • Create the sensation of a full stomach
Capsules to remove hunger, XS Natural Appetite Suppressant
We recommend using the XS Natural Appetite Suppressant Capsules with XS Natural lipo-reducing cream for woman or XS Natural reducing cream for men.
XS Natural cream to eliminate cellulite. XS Natural reduction cream to lose abdominal fat

How the satiating pills help remove hunger

XS Natural Appetite Suppressant is a completely natural product and the combination of all its ingredients promotes easier weight loss. In addition, the capsules function as a satisfier, so hunger is reduced and is easier to control your appetite throughout the day.

This food supplement inflates the stomach to give the longer feeling of fullness and prevents cravings between meals. Ideally, each dose is taken 30 minutes before main meals for the pills to begin the satiating effect. After this time the stomach seems full and, therefore, the person eats less amounts of food.

We recommend taking the product with lots of water to ensure that the ingredients reach the stomach. It is also advisable to enhance this treatment with a healthy diet and gentle exercise.


Take 2 XS Natural Appetite Suppressant capsules before each meal

Use: Orally

Format: Box of 2 bottles with 90 capsules each

Duration: 1 box/month

Dosage: 6 capsules should be swallowed daily. It is a dietary supplement that does not improve its effects when taken in larger amounts. Otherwise, it can be counterproductive.

When to take: It is recommended to take 2 capsules of XS Natural Appetite Suppressant 30 minutes before each meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner), along with a glass of water. (1/2Q)

Recommendation: It is advisable to combine XS Natural Appetite Suppressants with XS Natural Fat Burner since there is no side effects and results will be much better.

How to take XS Natural Appetite Suppressant in 4 easy steps
1 Appetite Supressant
2 Appetite Supressant
3 Appetite Supressant
4 Appetite Supressant

Glucomannan: a fiber, thanks to the water, swells in the stomach.

Guar gum: acts as satiating and swells in the stomach.

Magnesium stearate: helps eliminate and prevent stress that causes hunger.

Chromium picolinate: controls appetite and cravings in their psychological phase; it also increases metabolism and protects muscle mass.


Answers to your questions about XS Natural Appetite Suppressant satiating pills XS

Is it safe to use XS Natural Appetite Suppressant pills to suppress hunger?

Yes, XS Natural Appetite Suppressant XS capsules are composed of natural ingredients so they pose no health hazard.

How long does it take to see results from XS Natural Appetite Suppressant?

You might notice the effects right away but sometimes the body needs as much as a 1 to 7 day adaption process.

Do XS Natural Appetite Suppressant satiating pills have side effects?

No. Being a natural product, no side effects are known, so one should only take into account not to be allergic to any component of the formula. Pregnant or lactating women and people over 70 should consult their doctor.

Is a prescription necessary?

No. No prescription is required to buy XS Natural Appetite Suppressant as it is a product made from natural ingredients.

It is necessary to be of legal age to purchase the satiating pills?

Yes, you must be 18 years old to buy and use XS Natural Appetite Suppressant.

* This article is not a drug; it is a natural product created with herbal ingredients, so it has no known side effects and no prescription needed. Results vary from person to person and this product does not offer miraculous results. You must also keep a record of the use of the product to give the body time to assimilate to the herbal ingredients. Information and products displayed on this page do not replace medical advice. It is your responsibility to consult with a specialist in the field if you have questions about your health or if you are under medical treatment.

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