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Sexual power
Improve your sex life

500Cosmetics offers a wide range of products for men in sexual health which aim to improve your personal life, your self-esteem and self-confidence in every important moment of your life.

Sexual life: sexual products

Penis enlargement and potency

SizeGain Plus is a food supplement to increase the size and thickness of the penis and increase sexual potency. Its natural ingredients act directly on the body and tissues of the penis by stimulating circulation, sexual potency and subsequent growth.

SizeGain Plus is used to:
Pills to enlarge the penis, SizGain Plus
  • Enlargement and thickness of the penis naturally
  • Maintain and increase sexual potency
  • Enjoyment of stronger and longer lasting erections

Penis extender with an ergonomic system

Gnetics Extender is a device that helps enlarge the penis through the traction drive system and patented Ergoturn® method, which allows placing the penis into its natural position. Gnetics Extender expands the tissues, enlarges the proportion and corrects the curvature of the limb, producing greater sexual satisfaction.

Gnetics Extender is used to:
Penis lengthener, Gnetics Extender
  • Increase the size and thickness of the genital area
  • Help to improve sexual response
  • Treat Peyronie Syndrome or Peyronie's disease

Male intimacy gel with a cold effect to maximize pleasure

Provirilia is an intimate male gel with a cooling effect that helps improve the quality of sexual relations by providing greater pleasure and sexual performance. It produces a cooling sensation thanks to Menthyl Lactate, one of its new ingredients.

Provilia is used to:
Intimate cool effect gel for the masculine member
  • Having more satisfying sexua ralations
  • Increase pleasure
  • Experimenting with new sensations

Natural pills to improve sperm

Volume500 is a dietary supplement designed to increase the quantity and improve the quality of sperm as well as improving sexual health of men. It acts on sperm production providing greater sexual power and more intense orgasms.

Volume500 is used to:
Improve quality of sperm, Volume500
  • Increase the quantity of sperm
  • Intensify orgasms
  • Obtaining stronger ejaculations

Online exercises for the natural penis enlargement

Naturpenis is an ONLINE guide which contains exercises to lengthen the penis naturally based on Jelqing techniques by Dr. Richards. It also thickens the penis and gives it greater strength and potency.

Naturpenis is used to:
Enlarge the penis with Naturpenis exercises
  • Lengthen and enlarge the penis naturally
  • Exercises thanks to professional demonstration videos
  • Learn more than 30 exclusive techniques

Replacements for the penis extender, Gnetics Extender

Gnetics Extender replacements are designed not to disrupt treatment in case of breakage or wear.

The Gnetics Extender replacements are for:
Penis lengthener, Gnetics
  • To be used with Gnetics Extender
  • For continuous treatment
Recommended by our Medical Specialist

Dr. Antonio Salas Vieyra

Medical Specialist in Urology, Andrology and Sexology
License Nº: 41579

"It has been proven by many investigations that the size and characteristics of the penis are a factor that has a psychological component of great importance by the individual, since it determines both the confidence you have in yourself as well as your sex life. There are many people trying to resort to surgery to solve these problems but for my patients I always give the same advice: If you really want to solve problems concerning the male member, it is best to use natural products because they do not run the risk of side effects that may arise and their results are similar to surgery.

500Cosmetics has a wide range of products that help solve all these problems. I always recommend these products to my patients."

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