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TopicallySpray formatFloral aromasPheromonesRegistered in the EU
1 Phiero Woman + Free flirting guide
Perfume with pheromones to seduce
TopicallySpray formatFloral aromasPheromonesRegistered in the EU

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Perfumes with pheromones to help improve self esteem

Phiero Woman is a perfume composed of 4 pheromones and a mix of aromas of wildflowers and soft wood to help the female sex to feel self secure in new personal situations, generating intensive sexual responses. Phiero Woman allows one to become more alluring at the moment thereby improving interpersonal relationships.

  • Allure more easily
  • Experience more intense relations
  • Awaken new sensations
Women’s perfume with pheromones. Fragrancies made fro 4 pheromones for women. Phiero Woman
Now you can carry Phiero Night Woman, composed of pheromones, in your purse with the pocket size version, to attract men.
Perfume for women with pheromones. Fragrances made from 4 different pheromones for women. Phiero Night Woman

Phiero Woman, with 4 pheromones, to attract men which help to gain self security

Thanks to the pheromones contained in Phiero Woman, when approached, the other person receives a response in the brain when these chemical substances are inhaled. This improves personal relationships while providing maximum confidence in the woman who wears it. Its aroma of a floral fragrance family consists of wildflowers and soft wood that provides a heady fragrance with hints of a Mediterranean spring.

Phiero Woman is made up of 4 pheromones which create a harmony between smells and sensations that enhances the feminine sensuality and self-esteem. The unconscious reception of pheromones produced through smell signal the brain which generates a receptive response and arouses sexual interest of the other person.


How to use Phiero Woman perfume with pheromones

Use: Externally

Format: 30 ml spray

Duration: Varies, depending on use

Olfactory family: floral

How to apply: Spray like any other perfume


Learn about the main ingredients of Phiero Woman perfume with pheromones

Androsterone: Pheromone is derived from testosterone. It generates the dominant female sensation and self security.

Delta 16-ol: Pheromone communication and relations with the environment. It causes loss of shyness and tailors the individual to the environment.

A-keto: Creates cozy and comfortable situations in a climate of confidence. It is known as the pheromone for love and feelings.

Estratetraenol: Generates intense sexual responses and causes people around you treat you more kindly.

Other components: Essential oils, woody & musky fragrances woody, sandalwood, cedar, glycol.


We resolve your doubts about Phiero Woman with natural pheromones

Does Phiero Woman work?

Yes, Phiero Woman works because it is proven that the brain’s response, acting through the vomeronasal organ produces unique and special sensations.

Does Phiero Woman have any side effects?

No, Phiero Woman is a reliable and registered product so it has no side effects. Its only caution is not to apply near the eyes or swallow, like any other ordinary perfume.

How long does the effect of Phiero Woman last?

Pheromone perfumes are impregnated in the body for as long as 8-10 hours if applied correctly.

Can it be mixed with other aromas?

Yes, Phiero Woman with pheromones stays with you even when mixed with other colognes.

How does Phiero Woman smell?

Phiero Woman possesses an aroma of soft flowers and is impregnated for hours allowing one a self security en whatever situation.

* This article is not a drug; it is a natural product created with herbal ingredients, so it has no known side effects and no prescription needed. Results vary from person to person and this product does not offer miraculous results. You must also keep a record of the use of the product to give the body time to assimilate to the herbal ingredients. Information and products displayed on this page do not replace medical advice. It is your responsibility to consult with a specialist in the field if you have questions about your health or if you are under medical treatment.


Other gifts with the pheromone perfume

1. Flirting Guide
Learning Guide with tips on seduction

  • More than 30 tricks for flirting
  • Based of real experiences
  • Combined with Phiero, results are assured
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+ 1 Phiero Woman
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+ Free Guide
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+ 1 Phiero Night Woman
+ Free Guide