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Registered in the EU Manual device Ergoturn System With replacements Must be over 18
1 Gnetics Extender + Naturpenis Free
Penis extender Gnetics Extender
Registered in the EU Manual device Ergoturn System With replacements Must be over 18

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Lengthen the penis Gnetics Extender

Gnetics Extender is an advanced device made to enlarge the penis with a traction method called Ergoturn®, an innovative system that allows placing the penis in its natural position avoiding the possible pain associated with its use. This extender develops the male member tissue enlarging, proportioning and correcting its curvature (Peyronie's disease) generating greater pleasure in sex.

Gnetics Extender is used to:
  • Lengthen and enlarge the penis naturally
  • Enhance response and sexual confidence
  • Cure Peyronie’s Desease
Penis lengthener, Gnetics Extender
The Gnetics Extender includes:
  • Ergonomic extender device
  • Set of 3 replacements: sold separately in our catalog if needed
  • Designer case
  • CD with instructions in multiple languages
  • Instruction booklet in multiple languages
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Penis lengthener using the traction method

The penis extender device, Gnetics Extender is based on a system of all-natural traction to increase penis size. Thanks to its extenders and traction, increases the size of the male member naturally and easily.

The Gnetics Extender penis extender has the Ergoturn® patented system that allows you to place the penis in a natural position to avoid pain by providing a 45-degree turn unlike other extenders. This feature gives you comfort and softness avoiding possible pain in turning.

The device consists of:

1. Ergoturn® Technology: Provides the user the ability to choose the position of the penis that proves it to be more comfortable as it adapts smoothly thanks to its wide turning radius.

2. Integrated multifunctional Clock / Timer: Allows the user to control the time with maximum accuracy, controlling the number of hours wearing the extender, the time left and even put it in alarm mode to alert you when treatment is completed.

3. Multifunctional silicone closure: Allows the user to choose the closure which is the most convenient between two different types of silicone. The advantage is that a single multifunctional piece incorporating the two types of closure simplifies the mechanism.

4. Modern and ergonomic design: The new ergonomic design easily adapts to the characteristics and size of the penis of each user.

5. Very safe and resistant rods: The rods have an innerspring in each of its side bars which maintain the penis stretching load, which can be adjusted through rotation of one of the bars.


How to use the penis enlarger Gnetics Extender

Use: Manual device

Format: Medical device

New technology: Ergoturn® system


Most frequently asked questions about the Gnetics Extender penis enlarger

Does it enhance the penile tissues?

The penis is not a muscle but a set of elastic tissues that can be subjected to traction, which is what allows the Gnetics Extender penis enlarger to function.

Does it increase penis size in erection or flaccidity?

Penis enlargement occurs in both states although its initial placement should be in the flaccid state.

Does enhancement, with the Gnetics Extender, also occur in the glands?

No, size enhancement only occurs in the penis.

Is the curvature of the penis corrected with this device?

That's correct; the Gnetics Extender is responsible for curing Peyronie Disease to reduce the curvature produced often by a withdrawal of the corpora cavernosa forming the male member.

From what size can the Gnetics Extender be used?

The device is designed for use on penises from 7 centimeters or 2¾inches.

Does one have to be of legal age to use the Gnetics Extender?

Yes, it is essential to be more than 18 years of age to use the extender because before age 18 the body is not developed and you might not see results.

Does using the Gnetics Extender cause pain?

It is painless but at first it is somewhat uncomfortable because of the lack of habit of wearing such a device so many hours on the penis but as time passes the discomfort will disappear.

Can you have sex with the penis enlarger on?

No. You must remove and use it later. It is also necessary to wait at least an hour before using the device again.

Are there any side effects?

No but if you have a sore, ulcer or the like, it is advisable not to use it until they are cured.

* This article is a high tech medical device. Results vary from person to person and this product does not offer miraculous results. You must also keep a record of the use of the product in order to give the body time to take shape. Information and products displayed on this page do not replace medical advice. It is your responsibility to consult with a specialist in the field if you have questions about your health or if you are under medical treatment.


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Easy and convenient to use thanks to the adjustable system

Place the device 4-9 hours a day with the penis in flaccid state and you will get gain 0.5 cm (1/20th of an inch) in length in approximately each month.

Application: It is advisable to keep up the treatment for at least 4 months although it is also advisable to extend it up to 6 months. The first month is an adaptation phase for further enhancement in the coming months.


+ 1 Gnetics Extender
+ 1 SizeGain Plus
+ 1 Volume500
+ 1 Provirilia
+ 1 Naturpenis Free
+ Free Shipping
+ 1 Gnetics Extender
+ 1 Provirilia
+ 1 Naturpenis Free
+ Free Shipping
+ 1 Gnetics Extender
+ 1 SizeGain Plus
+ 1 Naturpenis Free
+ Free Shipping