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Registered in the EUTopicallyNo parabenKertine extractBio-Capigen Veg
1 Foliactive Spray + Free hair care guide
Lotion to stop hair loss and stimulate growth
Registered in the EUTopicallyNo parabenKertine extractBio-Capigen Veg

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Natural lotion to stop hair loss and stimulate growth

Foliactive Spray is a lotion without parabens that helps stop hair loss and stimulate growth naturally thanks to its new composition, Bio-Capigen Veg, created from plant products, minerals and amino acids that are responsible for revitalizing and cleansing hair .

Foliactive Spray is used to:
  • Improve hair growth
  • Regenerate the cells of the scalp
  • Nourish the hair follicles through blood flow
  • Stimulate the keratin synthesis by at least 26%
  • Reduce grease and dandruff
Foliactive Spray Treatment for hair loss which helps stop hair loss
It is recommended to combine Foliactive Spray with Foliactive Pills and the Foliactive Laser Comb for the best results.
Foliactive Pills to prevent hair loss. Foliactive Laser is a laser comb to prevent hair and avoid hair loss

Foliactive Spray is a lotion with Bio-Capigen Veg for hair loss

Foliactive Spray has renewed its formula to include BIO-CAPIGEN VEG, a compound made from the most effective plant extracts with the combination of different amino acids, vitamins, onion extracts, ginseng /soybeans, designed to act directly on the hair enhancing all its properties.

It also stimulates the synthesis of keratin by 26%, reduces dandruff and flaking and reduces grease and fungi, all this without having to go to centers of capillary aesthetics! The treatment can be done as an intensive care or maintenance. The intensive care consists of 2 applications daily (one in the morning and one at night) and the maintenance as a single application. Regularity varies depending on the person or time of year.


Use Foliactive to stimulate growth and reduce dandruff

Use: externally

Format: 100 ml spray

New: the revolutionary formula, Bio-Capigen Veg

How it should be applied: spray the lotion upright and over the affected area of either dry or wet hair.


Learn about the main ingredients of the newest hair loss Spray on the market

Quercetin: Helps reduce inflammation and stimulates blood flow, opening hair follicles and promoting growth.

Sulfur: Contains antiseptic properties that remove excess fat, bacteria, fungi...

Panax ginseng root extract: Improves cell regeneration.

Arginine: Acts as a capillary vasodilator also increases blood flow allowing a greater amount of nutrients to reach the scalp.

Keratin: Protein essential to strengthening, protecting and improving the capillaries.


We resolve any of your doubts about the spray for hair growth

Does it work for both men and women?

Yes, it was designed to work the same for both men and women against hair loss.

Are their any side effects?

No, Foliactive Spray is composed of natural ingredients. The only thing to take into considerations is if one is allergic to any of the natural ingredients it contains.

How is Foliactive Spray used?
Foliactive Spray should be applied to dry or wet hair. It should be sprayed in an upright position and over the affected areas, about 4 or 5 inches from the head.

Is there a medical prescription required to purchase Foliactive Spray?

No, there is no prescription required because the it only contains natural ingredients.

* This article is not a drug; it is a natural product created with herbal ingredients, so it has no known side effects and no prescription needed. Results vary from person to person and this product does not offer miraculous results. You must also keep a record of the use of the product to give the body time to assimilate to the herbal ingredients. Information and products displayed on this page do not replace medical advice. It is your responsibility to consult with a specialist in the field if you have questions about your health or if you are under medical treatment.


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+ 1 Foliactive Laser
+ 1 Foliactive Pills
+ 1 Foliactive Spray Free
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+ 1 Foliactive Laser
+ 1 Foliactive Spray
+ Free Guide
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