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Goodbye to the discomfort of hemorrhoids

500Cosmetics and its range of products for hemorrhoids help prevent, remove and care for your most intimate problems of swelling, itching and discomfort internally and externally, completely naturally.

Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Pills for hemorrhoids

Hemapro Pills is a natural food supplement in capsules that helps prevent hemorrhoids while reducing swelling thanks to its anti-inflammatory and draining properties.

Hemapro Pills are used to:
Hemapro Pills is a dietary supplement to prevent the appearance of hemorrhoids
  • Improve the digestive system, preventing hemorrhoids
  • Reduce swelling caused by hemorrhoids
  • Improve blood circulation in the area

Hemorrhoid cream with exclusive new formula

Hemapro Cream is a novel compound cream designed to help reduce skin irritation in the perianal area soothing pain, itching and providing a feeling of freshness and instant relaxation.

Hemapro Crea is used to:
Hemapro Cream, cream made to help reduce skin irritations caused
  • Reduce swelling of hemorrhoids
  • Soothe and alleviate pain in the area
  • Improve blood circulation
Recommended by our Medical Specialist

Doctora María Inés Mallmann

Dr. María Inés Mallmann

Dermatology Specialist
License Nº: 49843

Good blood circulation in the body is essential to prevent many health problems. On many occasions and in different areas of our body blood clots occur causing severe pain as in the intimate rectal area because of hemorrhoids. They can be internal, external or both but inflammation is the same and very annoying.

It is therefore advisable to use the correct product to address this delicate problem. Hemapro Pills and Hemapro Cream are two such products with incredible results. They contain natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that aid in tissue regeneration, relieving pain from nerve endings. They can also improve blood circulation to prevent future occurrence of hemorrhoids and generally regulate the intestinal flora to prevent their occurrence.

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