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Registered in the EUTopicallyBalm formatNatural ingredientsMust be over 18
1 Feminil Instant
Effective, instantaneous cream to enhance female libido
Registered in the EUTopicallyBalm formatNatural ingredientsMust be over 18

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Effective, instantaneous cream to enhance female libido

Feminil Instant is an instant vaginal cream enhancer for female sexuality. It is developed to enhance excitement instantly. Its ingredients are natural and are aphrodisiacs. They are capable of stimulating the genital area to improve excitement and improving pleasurable relationships.

Feminil Instant is used to:
  • Stimulate arousal at the right moment
  • Improve feminine sexuality
  • Enhance libido and stimulate the genitalia
Feminil Instant, vaginal cream to increase libido and instant excitation
If you want to increase and prolong the effects of your libido, complement Feminil Instant with Feminil Pills to make you feel more active than ever, permanently.
Feminil Pills, food supplement to improve feminine libido

In just seconds of waiting, after applying, enjoy your sexual relations!

Feminil Instant is a natural cream designed to instantly increase libido and female sexual arousal during sex. Its development is based on ingredients and natural extracts which help increase female sexual arousal at the moment, keep more pleasurable sex, stimulate the female genitals and provide heat effect.

This cream is comfortable and easy to use, so you can carry it in your bag and use it on any occasion. Apply a small amount of the cream (equivalent to the size of a pea) on the clitoris and massage the area. In just two minutes you'll notice its amazing effects! Do not use during pregnancy and lactation.


Apply as many times you wish and discover how it enhances sexual desire

Use: Externally

Format: 10 ml cream

Dosage: Apply the minimum quantity (equivalent to the size of a pea) over the clitoris and wait about two minutes or until a hot sensation is noticed. Do not ever use as a lubricant.

When to apply: It is recommendable to apply only the minimum amount of the cream a few moments before sexual relations.


Learn about the main ingredients of Feminil Instant stimulant cream

Tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E): Increases sexual appetite, stimulates desire and helps reduce the feeling of exhaustion and high blood pressure.
Isopropyl myristate: Emollient properties that help soften the dry areas of the skin providing softness. It has a potent effect as a lubricant but should not be used as such.
Jojoba oil: Is a great moisturizer because it contains natural minerals and vitamin E that make it a powerful antioxidant and moisturizing properties to facilitate female libido.
Geranium essential oil: is a tonic with antiseptic, purifying and refreshing action. It acts as a hormonal balancing.

We resolve your doubts about Feminil Instant stimulant cream

Is it safe to use Feminil Instant?

Yes, it is a feminine cream enhancer made from natural plants and oils so there is no health risk.

How much of the feminine enhancer is it advisable to use for the desired effect?

The application amount is variable depending on the characteristics of each woman but in general a minimum amount, of about the size of a pea, of the cream on the clitoris is recommended until you feel the heat sensation. It can also be complemented with Feminil Pills to increase the effectiveness of both products.

Is it necessary to be of legal age to apply Feminil Instant?

Yes, it is necessary to be at least 18 years old to use the cream on the genital area.

Is a medical prescription required?

No, being a natural herbal product, it is not necessary to have a prescription to purchase.

Are there any side effects?

No, there are no side effects since it is a product with natural ingredients although it is advisable to check if you are allergic to any of its ingredients.

Is there a case where it is not recommended to use Feminil Instant?

Yes, if you are pregnant or breast-feeding, have liver problems, heart disease or suffer any allergies, it is not advisable to use the cream.

* This article is not a drug; it is a natural product created with herbal ingredients, so it has no known side effects and no prescription needed. Results vary from person to person and this product does not offer miraculous results. You must also keep a record of the use of the product to give the body time to assimilate to the herbal ingredients. Information and products displayed on this page do not replace medical advice. It is your responsibility to consult with a specialist in the field if you have questions about your health or if you are under medical treatment.

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