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Registered in the EU Topically Cream format Natural ingredients Must be over 18
Moisturizing cream and regenerating gel for tattooed skin
Moisturizing cream and regenerating cream for tattooed skin.
Registered in the EU Topically Cream format Natural ingredients Must be over 18

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Moisturizing Cream and healing gel for all types of skin with tattoos

Profade 1 Pre-Moisture Cream is a hydrating cream that contains Hydrovance® and Bio-Hydractyl, innovative components that promote natural moisture and prepares the skin before being tattooed or before a laser tattoo removal procedure. Through the use of these products the skin will be in the best form possible to ensure the process of receiving or removing a tattoo goes smoothly. Furthermore, Profade 1 contains olive oil, aloe vera, and honey, ingredients that improve the resilience of the skin, keep the skin clean, and keep bacteria away. Profade is a great option for use as a daily body cream, given that, the more often it is used the more protected the skin will be against bacteria and other external factors.

Profade 2 Regenerator Moisturizing Gel is a regenerative product that helps reduce irritation or redness that may be produced after a new tattoo or a laser removal procedure. It also acts as a scar removal cream as it contains Poly-Helixan PF and Dragon’s Blood, exclusive ingredients of the Profade formula that promote faster and more effective skin regeneration. Profade can be used on any types of scars (after a tattoo, laser treatment, on scars from cuts, burns, or any other type of injury) but should never be put on open wounds.

Profade 1 Pre-Moisture Cream is made for:
  • Moisturizing the skin before getting a tattoo
  • Preparing the skin to undergo a laser treatment
  • Keeping skin protected from and free of bacteria
Profade 2 Regenerator Moisturizing Gel is made for:
  • Regenerating and healing damaged areas of the skin
  • Reducing irritation from laser treatments or a new tattoo
  • Removing the appearance of redness and irritations from the skin
Regenerating gel to repair all types of skin. Moisturizing cream.
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How to hydrate and regenerate the skin with Profade

Profade 1 Pre-Moisture Cream works as a hydrating cream that prepares the skin before undergoing a skin treatment, for example you could use it before getting a tattoo or receiving a laser skin treatment. These procedures can damage the skin and because of this it is important to be careful and do whatever you can to ensure the post-procedural effects are minimal so your skin can quickly heal. You should start applying the cream at least 15 days before the treatment is to be carried out.
Thanks to ingredients such as honey, aloe vera, and olive oil among others, the skin will stay protected against external factors and will be smooth, resilient, and fresh. Furthermore, Profade 1 Pre-Moisture Cream is rich in Hydrovance®, a natural and innovative component that promotes moisture in the skin, making it so water penetrates easier. Profade 1 Pre-Moisture Cream also has Bio-Hydractyl, that simulate natural hydration of the skin and improves smoothness and elasticity.

Profade 2 Regenerator Moisturizing Gel helps regenerate the outermost layer of the skin and acts as a moisturizing cream over closed wounds. You can begin to apply Profade 2 3 days after getting a tattoo or receiving a laser treatment, but not before 3 days have passed to ensure the area has had time to heal and there are no open wounds. Profade 2 also promotes the healing of other types of scarring such as cuts or burns. Its repairing action is attributed to both aloe vera and, the star ingredient of Profade known as Dragon's Blood. Dragon's blood is a natural sap from the tree Croton lechleri with antioxidants and healing powers and protects and stimulates the production of collagen. It comes with a large quantity proanthocyanidins which are the 50 times more potent than vitamin E and 20 times more effective than vitamin C.

Dragon's blood is complemented with Poly-Helixan PF, known as "snail saliva," a strong principal active antioxidant that is extracted from the liquid secreted by snails, resulting in something totally natural and ecological. Choose to prevent premature aging of the skin and have protection from the free radicals.

Both products, Profade 1 and Profade 2, can be used on the entire body including the face (excluding areas with mucus or open wounds). Both the cream and gel are dermatologically testedz. You can combine the creams with other treatments, body creams as you would with an antibiotic cream to help recent tattoos heal.

The best thing to do is complement Profade 1 with Profade 2 (Profade total treatment) to ensure that the entire process of getting, or removing, a tattoo has the best result and you can avoid any type of complication on the skin.


Apply Profade 1 and Profade 2 in order to have hydrated skin without any signs of veins

Use: Topical

Format: Two containers of 50 ml each

Duration: Can vary based on use

Dosage:Profade 1 Pre-Moisture Cream should be applied between 3 and 4 times per day. Profade 2 Regenerator Moisturizing Gel should be applied between 2 and 4 times per day.

When it should be applied: It is recommended to apply the hydrating cream Prafade 1 between 3 and 4 times per day (in the morning, afternoon, evening and night; or the morning, evening and night) for at least 15 days leading up to the procedure (tattoo or laser procedure). If multiple laser procedures will be undertaken, the cream will need to be applied 15 days before each session.

Use of the regenerative gel, Profade 2, is recommended 3 days after a laser treatment procedure or after receiving a tattoo (after the wound has completely closed). It is recommended to apply between 3 and 4 times per day for the first 30 days (morning, noon, afternoon and night; or morning, afternoon, and night) and only 2 times per day after that (morning and night). It is important to stop usage 15 days before a new laser procedure and start the usage of Profade 1 Pre-Moisture Cream.

Recommendation: For the best results it is recommended to carry out the entire treatment with Profade 1 and Profade 2, whether you are going to undergo a laser treatment or get a tattoo. Furthermore, Profade Total Treatment can be used in the future to take care of the skin and protect the skin even if you don't get another tattoo or receive another laser treatment.


INGREDIENTS of the moisturizing cream Profade 1 and the scar healing gel Profade 2

Hydrovance®: promotes natural skin moisturizing, allowing water to penetrate better and spread easily over the surface. It is an innovative component that is neither sticky nor greasy, so it is easily absorbed.
Bio-Hydractyl: able to simulate the natural moisturizing factor of the skin and, at the same time, retain the water, thus improving its elasticity and softness. This exclusive active principle is progressively released to prevent skin dehydration and soothe sensitive skin.
Aloe Vera: is an analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic ingredient that accelerates the regeneration of the skin.
Olive oil: acts as a balm, protecting the skin from external factors and favoring cellular regeneration.
Frescofret: is lactate of Mint, a cooling agent similar to menthol but less irritating and with a more lasting effect.
Dragon’s Blood: is a natural antioxidant sap from the Croton lechleri tree that accelerates the healing process of the skin. This resin contains Proanthocyanidins, which are much more powerful than vitamins C and E to care for the skin, prevent premature aging, counteract free radicals and protect from irritations. This is a revolutionary and exclusive component of the Profade formula.
Poly-Helixan PF: is known as "snail saliva" and is a prestigious component that helps prevent skin bacteria, favors the synthesis of collagen and elastin, is an antioxidant, improves skin hydration and contributes to cell renewal, among other properties. It is a 100% natural and organic ingredient that offers nutritive and healing properties, and helps to heal and repair skin tissues more quickly.
Aloe Vera: is an analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic ingredient, which promotes the regeneration of the skin.

Answers to your most common questions about Profade 1 and Profade 2

How long does it take to see the effects of Profade 1?

Profade 1 acts as soon as it is applied. The longer the use, the greater the protection for the skin. You will be more and more hydrated, flexible, clean and smooth.

When will I notice the effects of Profade 2?

The results of Profade 2 vary depending on the use of the product, skin type and scar. At around 24 h the redness disappears, at 48-72 h the irritation ceases and after 96 h the skin begins to regenerate and heal.

Do Profade 1 and Profade 2 have any side effects or counter-indication?

No. The cream and gel are composed of natural ingredients, so you should only check if you have allergy to any of its components.

Is Profade Total Treatment Dermatologically Tested?

Yes. The moisturizing cream and the regenerating gel are tested under dermatological control, like the rest of our products.

Can you combine the application of Profade 1 and Profade 2 with other treatments for the skin?

Yes. There is no problem with applying other creams to the skin, such as the XS Natural range (XS Natural lipo-reductive cream for women, XS Natural reductive cream for men or XS Natural anti-stress cream and firming), provided The products are allowed to absorb completely and spend a few hours between one application and another for them to take effect.

Are the ingredients of Profade 1 and Profade 2 safe?

Yes. All ingredients are totally natural and safe. The cream and gel are made with innovative and exclusive components that make the formula much more effective and safe.

Do you need a prescription to buy these products?

No. Medical clearance is not required to buy Profade 1 and Profade 2, as they are completely natural treatments.

Do I need to be of legal age to buy them?

Yes. You must be over 18 to purchase and use Profade 1 and Profade 2.

*These items are not medicines, they are natural products created with herbal ingredients, they do not have known side effects and do not need a prescription. The results vary from person to person and these products do not offer miraculous results. Also, it is necessary keep in mind what ingredients are present in the products and give your body time to assimilate the herbal ingredients. The information and products on this page are not a substitute for medical advice. It is your responsibility to consult with a specialist in the matter if you have doubts about your health or are under medical treatment.

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