Registered in the EUElectro-StimulationStimulating & firmness5 different modes16 levels
U-Breast + Breast Performance Free
Electro stimulation device to enhance the breasts
Registered in the EUElectro-StimulationStimulating & firmness5 different modes16 levels

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Electro stimulation device to enhance the size of breasts

U-breast is an electronic device based on electrical muscle stimulation to increase breasts size naturally, without surgery. It energizes the progressive growth of breast and toning for a perfect bust line. The electro stimulation massages to maintain the ligaments stronger and healthier, improving the appearance and appeal.

U-breast is used to:

  • Enhance the breasts progressively
  • Improve blood circulation to the mammaries
  • Maintain strong ligaments en the chest
U-Breast device based on electro-stimulation to naturally enhance breast size
The U-Breast device includes:
  • Electro stimulation device
  • Two vibrators units
  • Gift of 250 ml of conductor gel
  • Batteries
It is recommended to combine U-Breast with Procurves Plus and Procurves Cream to enhance the breasts.
Procurves Plus, pills to enhance breasts. Cream to enhance breasts size Procurves Cream

Electro stimulation system to enhance the breasts

U-breast is creates blood circulation by stimulating the chest with its two electromagnetic units, reactivating cell renewal and hormone production through massage to enhance breasts and give better firmness.

The electro stimulation intensity is absorbed through the skin and improves blood circulation with 5 different modes and 16 intensity levels which increases breast size without leaving home and completely natural. The process of stimulation is done with U-Breast Gel, which helps make stimulation waves penetrate more effectively into the skin during the vibration transmission.


Using U-Breast 20 minutes a day will noticeably increase of breast size

Use: Manual device

Format: Electronic device

Time of use: 15 minutes, 4 or 5 times a week will give accumulated, progressive results. Always use with the U-Breast Gel conductor.


We solve your doubts about the U-Breast electro stimulation device to enhance breasts

What determines breast size?

Beast size depends on several factors such as metabolism that is specific to each woman or it could be food that influences breast size.

Is the electro stimulation technique used in other medical treatments?

Yes, the electro stimulation techniques are used in modern medicine in sports training or prevention of certain diseases such as osteoporosis.

Is the U-Breast electro stimulation safe?

Yes, the electro stimulation is a safe and healthy, without side effects. It is advisable to always apply the conductive U-Breast Gel before each use of the device so as not to have direct vibration contact with skin since low-intensity electric shock could occur.

Can the U-Breast be combined with other techniques?

Yes, In fact, its purpose is to supplement with our other breast enhancement products to improve results.

* This article is a high tech medical device. Results vary from person to person and this product does not offer miraculous results. You must also keep a record of the use of the product in order to give the body time to take shape. Information and products displayed on this page do not replace medical advice. It is your responsibility to consult with a specialist in the field if you have questions about your health or if you are under medical treatment.


Receive great gifts with the purchase of the U-Breast electro stimulator

1. Breast exercise performance guide
Breast Performance is an online guide with a series of exercises to increase breast size naturally. It consists of images and professional videos that describing breast augmentation exercises. It has more than 200 images for how to develop and stimulate breast and fitness in general. The results are visible within a few weeks.
Breast Performance, exercises to firm and enhance breasts

  • More than 30 exercises and exclusive techniques with unlimited Access
  • More tan 30 long, profesional videos
  • More than 200 High Quality demonstration images
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2. Gel conductor
We will give you the gel conductor to apply to the vibrator units in order to protect the skin from the electro stimulation waves and to facilitate better conduction.
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In addition, by purchasing a product, get more units as a free gift with purchase.

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+ 1 U-Breast
+ 1 Procurves Plus
+ 1 Procurves Cream
+ Breast Performance Free
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+ 1 U-breast
+ 1 Procurves Cream
+ 1 Breast Performance Free
+ Free Shipping
+ 1 U-Breast
+ 1 Procurves Plus
+ 1 Breast Performance Free
+ Free Shipping